Tips to Make Compliance Training Easy

When we think of compliance training for employees, we don’t really think, “Oh, this is so fun and easy to do!” We usually presume it’s another challenge we need to go through without actually knowing why. Employees would see it as something mandatory they need to go through regularly, finding it more of an abstract and boring topic.

As an employer, your goal is to make compliance training as engaging and convenient as possible. While platforms like True Office Learning help make things convenient, there are other ways to make training easier for employees, especially when conducting in-person sessions. Follow these tips:

  • Reward Progress

Make learning challenging and motivational by creating systems where employees will take responsibility for their learning. Also, it’s crucial to reward your employees’ progress and effort!

When you reward learners for making personal progress, it motivates them, showing their bosses recognize their efforts rather than being seen as a number. Reward employees certificates and other fun rewards to keep them encouraged to learn

  • Keep Things Simple

Remember KISS – Keep It Small and Simple. Don’t overwhelm learners with too much information in one go. Bite-sized chunks are the way to go, which we call micro-learning. Delivering content this way will allow staff to complete it over time and at their own pace.

Avoid cramming all the content employees must learn in one very long training session. Space out the content, increasing engagement while ensuring employees learn rather than merely read through everything to get it over with.

  • Go Digital

There are tons of ways to incorporate e-learning into compliance training whether it’s mobile, AI, or anything in-between! Going digital makes compliance training more flexible, allowing learners to complete courses on their own time and at pace.

  • Include Various Interactive Content Elements

It’s not just about following KISS and keeping content short. If you have text-heavy content, you risk losing your employees’ attention! You should also add other content elements like images and videos. Visual content will break up bodies of text and appeal to different learning styles.

You can use images to summarize points and videos to appeal to multiple senses simultaneously (audio and visual).

Besides diversifying content elements, you should also offer interactive experiences! That’s what makes engaging experiences different from static presentations. You can do so by leveraging gamification to make compliance training fun.

Try doing choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, and interactive quizzes, among other entertaining ways for employees to learn.

  • Real-Life Examples

Employees will end up finding compliance training boring if the content isn’t relevant. Prevent that from happening by adding real-life examples for employees to connect what they learn with professional situations. This is where choose-your-own adventures come to play again, ensuring that the examples you choose are relevant to the industry and department.

One last tip: Make sure your compliance content stays relevant by updating it over time. Remember, laws would evolve over time, along with workplace policies, social trends, and job descriptions!

Wrapping It Up

The next time you’re creating a compliance training strategy, keep these tips in mind!

Jagger Brock
the authorJagger Brock